Sonya Cisneros


John Wierzowiecki

Sonya Cisneros and John Wierzowiecki
Sonya Cisneros and John Wierzowiecki

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

Scarborough, Maine

We are so grateful that you would consider traveling such a distance to celebrate our marriage and the life we've built together over the past four years. Maine holds a special place in our hearts and we couldn't be more excited to share such a remarkable place with our closest friends and loved ones.

To us, Maine represents much of what we hold dear in our relationship - lingering over great meals with friends who feel like family, adventure, a spirit of carefree ease, joy and togetherness. There's a reason the state is referred to as Vacationland. It's also where we got engaged.

John planned a surprise proposal at the top of Fort Gorges, overlooking the city of Portland. Fort Gorges can only be accessed by boat at high tide. After months of researching tide patterns and working secretly with our friends in Maine, John pulled together what was supposed to be an afternoon on the water for our group, which is not an uncommon occurrence when we're visiting. Now, John ironed his shirt for this particular boat ride, which should have been a dead giveaway that something was up. When the boat slowed at Fort Gorges and eventually stopped, Sonya's heart flip-flopped.

"There's no way..."

Fort Gorges has always been a bit of a mystical place, even for Mainers, many of whom have never set foot on it. There we went, hand-in hand with our group of friends trailing behind us as we winded through the old army fort, sunlight streaming in. One friend could see a wedding taking place on the shoreline.

"There's no way...!"

John handed over his camera to our friend, Hadley Dambrie, so we could get a photo together, then a group shot. Hadley and Sarah Rouleau, not to mention Sonya, had no clue what was about to happen. Only the guys were in on the surprise. After taking a few photos, John turned to Sonya and got down on one knee to ask if she would share the rest of her life with him. Between the unsuspecting camera crew and Sonya, so.many.tears were shed. There was jumping up and down, crying, smiles, more crying, laughter and hugs. As a newly engaged couple, we made our way back to boat, where we were greeted with champagne and a bouquet of summer sunflowers. John's impromptu toast ended with, "You're my favorite person." The feeling is mutual.

Nick Dambrie steered us toward Great Diamond Island for celebratory cocktails. While our group of friends sat together in Adirondack chairs facing the water, Hadley asked Sonya for the one word she could think of to describe the way she felt. "Peace."

It's that sense of peace and trust that we've carried while navigating the narrow roads of Italy, hiking to the summit of Mt. Katahdin or barreling down west Texas roads in search of Prada Marfa. It's also what has strengthened our relationship through losing jobs, a beloved pet, and close family members. We have filled our home with love, trust, respect and admiration. We look forward to growing in love and in life as husband and wife.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions regarding travel into Portland. We're more than happy to help.

With love, the Future Mr. and Mrs. Whisky!
Hannah Williams